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Barcelona's Freshest App Agency

Trust us - we know how to make great apps.

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We're passionate about making apps

We don't make mediocre apps.  That's just not our style.


Gorilla Arm are the only team you need to give your startup the power to really take off.


Getting your startup off the ground is hard enough, without having to worry about designing, building and launching your app.  That's where Gorilla Arm step in.  We're a small studio with years of experience.  We know how to make your idea stand out from the crowd, how to make it look great, and how to build it flawlessly.  Take the guesswork out of launching a mobile app and let Gorilla Arm handle things for you.

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We've got your back, from start to finish

Gorilla Arm can take your app from its initial concept, right through to launch

Idea development

Bring us your idea - whether it's in your head or down on paper, and we'll help turn it into a viable, achievable concept.

Design Concept

Our app designers will work with you, your requirements, and your design tastes to create some beautiful graphic design.

Lean Development

We'll release new builds to you and your testers regularly, so you can keep validating and we can keep improving.


We know UX like the back of hand, so we'll turn your idea into a set of elegantly connected screens and interactions.

iOS and Android

We'll build your app natively, using the latest technologies to ensure it keeps working for years to come. 


We'll pack your app full of analytics so you can monitor every action your users are making (or not making).


We won't build apps without making a prototype first.  That's where we learn from our mistakes before going forward. 

Backend and API

Need to manage your data and content on a website? We can set the whole thing up to integrate seamlessly with the app. 


Once you're ready to launch, we'll guide you through the whole process so your app has the best chance of success.

Proudly building apps from Betahaus Barcelona



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